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Robustness, operational efficiency and value for money were the key factors in establishing the RRC brand, with a strong emphasis being placed on green technology.

RRC’s Refrigerated Retail Cabinets are designed to suit modern and sophisticated stores both locally and abroad, with a global footprint spanning over 35 countries.

Use of ISO 23953 test chambers ensure that all cabinets perform to maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction. Our quality management system is TUV certified to ISO 9001-2015 with an emphasis on providing complete customer satisfaction and continuous product improvement.

RRC is uniquely positioned to leverage a full capital equipment offering for any size or model of retail, butchery or convenience store application. Quality cabinets sporting international finishes, coupled with a complete refrigeration solution which is tailor made to each unique store requirement.

Quality and Service are the only option.

Our Cabinet Selection


The perfect quality cabinet to showcase your fresh produce, dairy, meat, and loose selling products. From convenience store to retail supermarket we do them all.


All freezer display cases are designed to optimize product display in the retail industry, from glass door freezers to the classic jumbo, we cater to all your freezer requirements.


Our hot foods cases can be merchandised with the option for a dry or humidified heat source to best cater for the diverse requirements within the product ranges, from dry crispy to cooked foods.


Our low-temp self contained island freezers utilize a maintenance free condensing unit with the latest refrigerant options.