HC | Your Essential Services Equipment Solution Provider

HC: Your Essential Services Equipment Solution Provider

Supporting South African manufacturing companies is essential for sustainable economic growth. In an era where importing goods has become effortless, there’s immense value in choosing to support local manufacturers. By doing so, you not only contribute to our economy but also gain a richer experience. Let’s delve deeper into why this matters.

Invest in Local Employment

At HC, we recognise that manufacturing companies form the backbone of our economy and play a pivotal role in our communities. When you support local employment, it’s more than just a business decision; it’s a commitment to uplifting our communities. Your partnership directly impacts the well-being of our local workforce and their families, fostering pride and responsibility.

Fuelling Economic Growth

Manufacturing, accounting for 13% of our GDP, drives our nation’s progress. By championing local manufacturing, you invest not only in your business but also in the quality and innovation of South Africa. Through our growth venture at HC, we showcase the excellence of South African manufacturing on a global stage. Together, we’re building a brand that embodies the very best of our nation.

Made Local: Unwavering Support from Our After-Sales Team

When you choose a local manufacturer like HC, you’re not merely acquiring a product; you’re gaining a partner. At HC, we recognise that our commitment extends beyond the sale. Here’s why working with us is more than just a transaction:

Accessible Local Sales Support
Our dedication to customer satisfaction drives us to invest in our technical team. These experts possess an in-depth understanding of our products and their diverse applications in the market. When you need assistance, our local sales support is readily available. Whether it’s troubleshooting, maintenance, or upgrades, we’re here for you throughout the entire lifecycle of our equipment. With HC, you’re never alone in your business journey.

Adding Value to the Entire Cold Chain

HC’s product solutions offer versatility and reliability. Our comprehensive range spans five business divisions, each contributing to the seamless functioning of essential services:

  • HC-Coils: Providing heat-exchange solutions for standard commercial units such as air coolers, condensers, and evaporators, as well as tailor-made industrial solution like blast freezer coils.
  • HC-Systems: We deliver a wide array of simplex and multiplex refrigeration equipment, accommodating various refrigerants from Freon to sustainable CO2. Whatever your refrigeration needs, HC-Systems has a solution.
  • HC-HVAC: Crafting air conditioning equipment, from air handling units to rooftop packaged units, specifically designed for the commercial and industrial sectors. Our goal? Ensuring an optimum environment.
  • HC-Electrical: The linchpin division that empowers HC to produce its refrigeration and air conditioning equipment. We maintain quality control and reliability by manufacturing our own electrical switchboards and distribution boards and developing our own control software for our HVAC and Refrigeration equipment.
  • HC-Value Add: Our HC-Value Add division specialises in providing the critical components necessary to complete your projects. Here’s why our approach matters:
  1. Strong Business Relationships: We’ve cultivated robust connections with our suppliers and business partners. This collaborative effort ensures that when you choose HC, you gain access to a comprehensive range of solutions. From refrigeration equipment to project essentials, we’ve got you covered.
  2. Seamless Project Completion: Picture this: You’re collecting your refrigeration equipment for a new plant room installation. With HC, you can seamlessly acquire the additional essential components required for a smooth setup. No delays, no hassles—just efficient project execution.

Where Can You Use HC Equipment?

As an essential solutions partner, HC caters to a wide array of sectors across the economy. Our products find applications in the following areas:

  1. Healthcare: From operating theatres to pharmaceutical labs, reliable heating, cooling, and refrigeration are vital for patient care.
  2. Food Preservation: Our solutions support ripening rooms, de-greening facilities, sterilisation rooms, and more. Whether it’s dairy processing or marine refrigeration, HC keeps food fresher for longer.
  3. End User Experience: Distribution centres, food processing facilities, logistics cooling via refrigerated trucks, and grocery stores all benefit from HC equipment. We ensure that food reaches consumers as fresh as if it came straight from the farm.
  4. Building Sector: HC’s equipment creates unique environments tailored to specific applications in office buildings, shopping malls, and ice rinks.
  5. Essential Services: Electricity generation, district heating and cooling, data centres, mining, and the chemical sector—all rely on HC equipment to deliver the conveniences we experience daily.


stands as a dynamic and forward-thinking organisation. Woven into the fabric of essential services we often overlook in our daily lives. These services quietly shape our routines, ensuring the seamless functioning of our world. As you read about HC’s commitment to quality, innovation, and local support, remember that behind every piece of equipment lies a dedication to progress—a commitment to keeping our communities thriving.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. Together, we build a resilient future—one solution at a time.